Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chrome Baller Shirts, Part 2

Edit July 11, 2010: Shirts are available in all sizes in various shirt styles here.

Edit July 1, 2010: All stock sold out.
Edit June 24, 2010: Only one XL left.
Edit June 22, 2010: Only two shirts left. Down to our last L and XL.
Edit June 14, 2010: Mediums are all soldout.

The last batch was a just a few samples. This time around, we have a limited two dozen of the chrome ballers shirts in M, L and XL. 5.5oz 100% ring spun cotton. Click for sizing here. CAN$19 in Canada. USD$22 in Continental USA. Shipping included in price. If you live outside of these areas or want more than one shirt, shoot me an email for a quote. This is all about showing your support for chops and his amazing Chrome Ball Incident. Also, go and buy a pair of the Chrome Ball SB's when they are released.


Keith said...

We've had a few inquiries about small and XXL shirts. Right now, neither is available. There is a sample medium that fits quite small that is available. It has been worn a couple of times and washed for testing but is still in excellent condition. I can let that one go for cheaper.

Keith said...

40% of the buyers so far are named Rob. How weird! Thanks to all the Robs out there!

Keith said...

CBI and F&F favourite Jim Thiebaud supporting the cause. Glad he liked the litter bag LOL