Friday, April 16, 2010


I was shocked to read that Dyrdek makes as much money as he does. He was one of my favourite skaters back in the G&S Footage/Alien Worshop Memory Screen era. He's done some kooky things over the years but it pales in comparison to the lameness of Sheckler, Vallely and Lutka. Get paid without completely selling out and/or making a complete jackass of yourself... why the hell not.

The Street League thing might come across as corny as well but then again, most skateboard contests do. Why line the pockets of some random execs at X-Games and Mountain Dew when you can support a dude who actually skates and has represented for two decades?

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Robert said...

Read an interview with Bo Turner, he said Dyrdek has always been just as you see him on tv today. Pretty amazing to see how far he has come, from D. Jr and nose bonks to making millions and possible changing the way the general public perceives skating.