Monday, February 22, 2010

Plan B Sean Sheffey Troll

The first Plan B boards that arrived at my local skate shop back in the early 90's were slicks and this was the first one I owned. It was awesome! At the time, it had the perfect size, shape and concave. Image from s&a. Speaking of Sheffey... how epic was this part? So amazing.


skateboardingpanama said...

had this same board, Sheffey a monster ahead of his time. i have seing him in cameos around but not skating. what happened to him?

Anonymous said...

I still have this deck. I bought it in 1992 on Sydney's northern beaches area. After good use I took the trucks & wheels off and onto another deck. I kept this Sean Sheffey for memories sake - loved it! It's well-ridden but still in good condition with the original artwork and slick. A classic !!