Saturday, December 5, 2009

Palm Springs - Part 2 of 3

11/29. Classic Club. The Classic Club is a facility that is run by Troon, which typically means excellent service and amazing course conditions. The Bob Hope Classic was hosted here in 2006, 2007 and 2008. We booked our 11:10 tee time through for $79 per player.

The course is just off the I-10 but feels like it's in the middle of nowhere... no houses anywhere near the course. This is a really awesome facility. Their clubhouse is top notch and their practice facility was the nicest we saw on this trip. Their range balls were brand new NXT Tours. The course conditions were amazing... comparable to Indian Wells. The greens were just as fast with some real tough reads. It was definitely a fun and challenging track! I have no idea how they got so much damn water on 18 holes in the middle of the desert! I was warned about the course being in the wind belt. No kidding! It was howling pretty good all day. We played the round as a foursome in 4 hours, 20 minutes. I'll definitely play this course again. Oddly enough, I had four pars that day and all of them came on the four par 3's.

11/30. Oak Valley Golf Course. The Oak Valley Golf Course is actually not in Palm Springs but is 30 miles west on I-10 in Beaumont. Just a few weeks ago, they hosted one of the 2nd stages of PGA Tour Q School. We booked our 11:00 tee time directly with the course for $49.50 per player.

What a strange facility! When you drive into their parking lot, it screams ghetto muni track. Their clubhouse is average at best and quite a few of the tee boxes were pretty hacked up with weeds growing on them. Everything else about it was top notch though. The fairways were in great shape as well as the bunkers. The course had actual rough, which was extremely contrasting compared to the low penalizing resort type conditions we were playing up to this point on the trip. The greens were actually quite soft but they were also by far the fastest greens we played. They were also next to impossible to read, at least for me. We played the whole round without waiting for or holding up another golfer. I got my ass handed to me. I was having issues with every club in the bag... 6 penalty strokes, 40 putts, you get the picture... Pretty sure I'd play it again to exact revenge on the ass whooping I received.


33% God said...

What... no drunk stories about trashing hotel rooms? What happened to the old Channer?

If you could pave any of these courses, which one would have been the best to skate.

Keith said...

haha. No destruction aside from the golf courses.

Paving some of the bunkers at East Valley would make fun bowls. I haven't skated in over a month. I'm just in one of those phases were golfing > skating. Regardless, the weather in Van isn't really ideal for either of those.