Friday, June 5, 2009

Wood: China vs. Mexico vs. USA (Update # 2)

Second update on the wood showdown. The Chinese Black Label is finished after less than ten sessions. It shot out on me on a big spin and the tail got crushed on the corner of a pillar. No more pop. Feels like crap. From the get go, the shape of this deck was definitely off for me... tail felt short and tapered while the nose was too wide/spoon-like. I can't really blame the short life span on the Chinese wood. I tried to glue and press the crushed plies back together but it didn't really work. During my last session, I knew that it was the boards last. Just kidding around, I "stepped heavily" on the board and it actually broke. It wasn't an intentional focus as I barely put any force in my stomp. Oh well.

Next up is the Mexico Alien Workshop. Sick shape. I'm excited about this one. Ari Gold from Paradox sent me a few sheets of magic griptape so this sucker is covered with that. Haven't done any of the tests yet. First pre-skate impression... cutting it was easy, feels grippy enough. We'll see!

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how did the test go?