Monday, April 27, 2009

Blind Jason Lee Burger

I had to do a post about this because of the accompanying cease and desist letter. This slick bottom Blind Jason Lee board was pretty popular when it was released. I never had one. It seemed a little wide to me at the time. When the ad was first released, lots of people thought it was a Vallely diss (shaved head, eating meat) but in Disposable, Jason Lee has stated that it was not. Pics from skateboard graphics . com.


Anonymous said...

Tangentially related, so sorry in advance. I've been out of skateboarding for years, but my son got interested, so I've been trying to catch up with everything that's happened since the early 90's. What's the story with Mike V? I've run across a few posts and forums ripping on him, but nothing gives the full story. Can you shed some light?

Thanks for the blog.

Keith said...

I think if you looked up "milking it" in the dictionary, there'd be a pic of Vallely. The guy hasn't learned a new trick since the early 90's. I just don't think he's contributed anything good to skateboarding in the past decade and a half.

My friend Rob's blog has some good Vallely bashing.