Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Swing from the Inside for Mad Power

I haven't been posting a lot of golf stuff lately but this Golf Digest article is super interesting. What it basically breaks down to is for a given swing speed, you lose more distance if you're swinging over the top rather than swinging from the inside.

"Utilizing a robot ... we were able to mimic downswing paths at six angles, as well as a straight-on, or neutral, approach. At a swing speed of 95 miles per hour (slightly faster than average), our results show that an inside path of 3, 6 and even 9 degrees, as well as the neutral swing path, combined to produce drives averaging 244 yards. But when those paths veered outside the target line, bad things started to happen. The average on as little as a 3-degree out-to-in path was 233 yards, or a loss of 11 yards versus the neutral-inside paths. At 6 degrees the loss of yardage was a whopping 30 yards. At 9 degrees, average drives were going just 202 yards, for a loss of 42 yards"

So if you're gonna screw up a swing, better to come from the inside. Less penalizing.

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