Friday, June 6, 2008


Building my own golf clubs has been a hobby of mine for several years. I'm fairly amateur but the finished product is clean and it works. Several reasons for building your own clubs are as follows:

1. Most shafts have considerable inconsistencies from shaft to shaft (of a given model) and within the circumference of a shaft.
2. Shafts, club heads and grips all have weight variations.
3. All club heads have loft and lie variations.
4. Lots of shafts in pre-assembled clubs (particularly graphite) are total garbage.

You can have some control over all of the above factors if you build your own clubs. You want your clubs to have a consistent flex progression from club to club. You want your clubs to to have a balanced consistent feel (swingweight or MOI matched) from club to club. You want the orientation of the shaft such that it bends in a consistent manner (spine alignment or flat line oscillation). You want the gaps in the lofts of your clubs to be spaced such that you have even yardage gaps. You want the lies of your clubs to be suitable to your swing so you get even turf contact and not toe or heel digging. Several great sources of information include: Dyno's, Wishon, Golfworks, Golfsmith and Dynacraft's DSFI.


A Consumer said...

Nice shop! :)

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Jeff Jackson's workshop. JJ formerly of Dynacraft.