Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ebay for Golf Equipment

Ebay has gotta be the best thing ever created for the frugal golfer. If you don't need the latest and "greatest" clubs, you can find plenty of excellent new and used equipment deals on Ebay. Set up an Ebay account so you can bid on goodies, an eSnipe account for last second bidding (bid late to avoid bidding wars) and a Paypal account for easy money transfers. Make sure to ask lots of questions as a buyer if the auction doesn't have good photos or description. Always check that the seller has good feedback. I won't buy from a seller unless they have 98+% positive feedback. If you live in Canada and want something from a seller in the States, avoid UPS because if the value of the item is over $30, you will most likely get dinged with a $30+ brokerage fee in addition to Customs charge. Insist on USPS.

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